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The Turkish Bath of Eger has hundreds of years of history. The Turkish pool was built between 1610 and 1617, during the time of Turkish rule, thus this pool space is the part of the area of the Turkish Bath with the longest history. The other parts of the pool were added to the original Turkish building gradually, during the centuries. The cupola, renovated in 1980, covered with approximately 200,000 gold-plated mosaics, gives a spectacular sight.

In the Bath, we can find not only original Turkish style pools (ilidzas) but also hamam, recalling Turkish-style bathing (massage, steam, rinsing). At present, the Turkish Bath, which recalls authentic Turkish atmosphere inside and out, welcomes guests arriving in Eger with 6 pools, as well as high-level wellness and medical services. As the only such surviving bath in provincial Hungary, the rare radon curative water of the Turkish Bath fills three pools, springing from the springs hidden under the artificial stone flooring of the Turkish Pool laid in a discontinuous manner.

Submerge in the water of the Bath recalling both the luxury of our present age and the splendour of the past, enjoy being pampered by different massages, get refilled in the sauna and steam bath.


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    An ideal base for exploring Eger and the surrounding area, within walking distance of bus and train stations and pretty much all the tourist attractions, coupled with two of the best restaurants in town, (booking pretty much essential). Friendly helpful staff, and clean, comfy rooms. If you're coming from the UK like us also incredible value for money. There are cheaper bars in town but the quality here is exceptional... (Antony)

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    Very nice hotel with friendly staff.It’s a perfect hotel to spend couple of days in Eger ,or a weekend. Very good located ,with a beautiful view to the Egri castle. I can only recommend it for anyone who would like to escape in a romantic place .It has also a good restaurant with some Hungarian specialties. Free underground parking is available...(Emi)

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    I stayed at the Imola Udvarhaz Dessert Hotel for a weekend trip to Eger while spending a month in Budapest. The hotel is a great value, rooms are nice and the balcony perfect to sit & drink a glass of wine on in the evening. The staff were all pleasant & helpful, plus breakfast was included. 5/5, will stay here again next time I am in Eger...(Ashton)

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    The location is really fantastic, quiet, the room is very good, clean and tidy, the restaurant is fine, the breakfast is also very good, fresh, tasty. Friendly staff. The design is attractiv. Convenient for families or singles, good atmosphere at all. Thanks!...(M.V.)

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H-3300 Eger,
Tinódi Sebestyén tér (square) 4.
(GPS: Dózsa György tér 4.)

The City of Eger, this town of over a thousand years, with its glorious historical past, valuable historical building complexes, wines and curative waters is one of the most famous cities of Hungary.


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  • +36-36-516-180
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